Welcome to the website of Shelley Cooper!

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve happened upon my life’s work and joy. For decades, I have studied jewelry and manufacturing techniques for the sake of imparting a blend of history, beauty and imagination in each of my designs. Jewelry signed Sweet Romance or Ollipop isn’t intended to fit a momentary fashion trend. It is meant to radiate the authenticity and spirit of innumerable stories in the history of women. It is meant to accompany you in your life’s journeys, bringing you joy in the stories that you create.

Produced in our California, USA factory, our methods of fabrication stay true to the original American concept and manufacture of fashion jewelry. All of the pieces are created with the highest level of talent and care by my staff of artists. Exquisite sculptural detail is our hallmark in a never ending portfolio of intriguing themes and silhouettes.